Associate yourself with people of good quality, for it is better to be alone than in bad company.
—Booker T. Washington

Selected comments about us from Jon Holman's LinkedIn page:

"Jon is in a class of one—he is simply the most effective CEO recruiter I have ever worked with. He does everything—and I mean everything—himself, which means that everything gets done to the same high standards. He is a joy to work with, a quick study on any industry, and can find a way to get just about anyone to call him back. The only time I hire any other recruiter is when Jon is too busy to take on a new assignment (he is strict about his workload, which allows him to devote so much time to each search).

Jon seems like a nostalgic throwback to an imagined previous era, where service providers were courteous professionals who worked hard and drove results. He is a master of his craft."

—Ezra Perlman, Partner, Francisco Partners

"Jon is a gifted recruiter and true professional. He brings an extraordinary understanding of process, people and organization to each and every assignment. Few in the industry have his understanding of how to handle both client and prospect to achieve the best possible outcome. Jon will tell you the truth about a candidate and an organization, his candor is refreshing, but at times it can be jarring. In either case, listen to him carefully. I have used Jon in both CEO and Partner searches and found him excellent at both. Jon exhibits the highest ethics and is a great human being to know. He has my unequivocal endorsement as a top flight recruiter."

—Steve Krausz, General Partner, U.S. Venture Partners

"Jon has an amazing network which he utilizes to repeatedly find the best talent for any executive or partner search he chooses to do. His knowledge of who is the right fit for an organization goes beyond just research or databases because he gets to the heart of whether someone has the right "soft skills" and is a good cultural match. I'm always happy when Jon agrees to take on a search for one of our portfolio companies."

—Teri McFadden, V.P. Recruiting, Norwest Venture Partners

"In a world of talented recruiters, Jon stands out as one of kind. He is incredibly thoughtful for both clients and candidates. He maintains long-term consultative relationships with candidates and has become a trusted advisor to many people, including myself, on career decisions."

—David Goldberg, late CEO, SurveyMonkey

"During my time at GE, McKesson, and now at T-System I have sought executive recruiting help from a number of top search firms and individuals who specialize in senior level executive searches. Out of all of them, Jon Holman stands out for me because of the distinctiveness of his approach, and ultimately, the results. All senior execs have a good story to tell and over a couple of decades amass sufficient track record which make them appear impressive on their resume and during interviews. For me, the hardest part about finding the right person for a leadership position has been the ability to get deep into the person’s background to understand how they are wired and what drives their leadership approach, style, and values. In addition to what you would expect from a top notch recruiting firm by way of locating potential candidates, Jon has an uncanny ability to bring hard to get insights about the candidate. Putting it very simply, Jon takes the time to go deep and get it right."

—Sunny Sanyal, former CEO, T-System